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      Hello, welcome to Shanghai Yinggui Magnetic Co., Ltd!

      Shanghai Yinggui Magnetic Industry Co., ltd

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      Rubber-sided magnet | powerful magnet pieces | round magnet sheet | iron-chromium-cobalt magnets | powerful magnets magnet | NdFeB magnets


      Haiying Gui Magnet Co., Ltd.

      Contact: Mr. Yang Yuqian



      Q Q:535420120


      Address: No.158 Junmin Road, Nanqiao Town, Fengxian District, Shanghai, China


      We not only develop the vast market in East China, have a good cooperation relationship with many from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hongkong and other places of the foreign-funded enterprises
      Products are exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and America, has become the many well-known enterprises supplier.
      National; global; Zhejiang; Beijing; Guangdong; Tianjin; Shanghai; Shandong; Jiangsu; Anhui; Jiangxi; Hubei
      For more than ten years of experience in magnet production, products are mainly divided into ferrite magnet, rare earth neodymium iron boron magnet (magnetic button), aluminum nickel cobalt. Samarium cobalt. Rubber magnet five categories, tens of thousands of varieties, also can according to your needs, to create the new specifications by opening or cutting.
      Products are widely used in speaker, motor, refrigerator, gift boxes, gift bags, stationery, magnetic, advertising, printing, magnetic health products.
      The main customer groups: automobile factory, toys, gifts & Crafts, packaging, electronics etc.
      “Reliable quality, abide by the contract "is our tenet for years. The company is to open up the market, with positive attitude, welcome customers call us, negotiate business.
      The same product than the quality, the same quality than our service, the same service than the price.
      Company introduction

      Our company is located in the East China international metropolis - Shanghai, specializing in the production and operation of various types of magnetic materials, over the years thanks to all the new and old customers care and support, we not only opened up a large market in East China, with the number from Japan, South Korea, Taiwan, Hong Kong and other places of foreign-funded enterprises have a good working relationship, and the products are also exported to Southeast Asia and Europe and America, has become a lot of well-known enterprises suppliers. More than ten years of experience in magnet production, the main products ferrite magnets, rare earth NdFeB magnets (magnetic button), aluminum, nickel and cobalt. SmCo Rubber magnet tens of thousands of varieties of five categories can also be based on your needs by mold or cutting to create new specifications. Products are widely used in speakers, motors, refrigerators, gift boxes, gift bags, magnetic stationery, advertising, printing, magnetic health products.


      • Iron chromium cobalt magnet
      • Ferrite magnets gay
      • Circular permanent magnet
      • Circular powerful magnets
      • Ndfeb rare earth strong magnetic magnet
      • Ferrite Magnets
      • Circular magnet
      • Circular magnet
      • Cikou metal buckle
      • Powerful magnet NdFeB
      • A strong magnet
      • Powerful magnet
      • Rubber-sided magnet
      • Neodymium iron boron magnetic tile
      • Neodymium iron boron magnet
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      Tel: 021-61720007 Mobile: 15901887572 Fax: 021-57584386 滬ICP備14027489號

      Address: China Jinhui Town, Fengxian District of Shanghai Lu SHE village 236 Zip Code: 201405

      Technical Support:Hangzhou Sixi 您是第83929位訪問者

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